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Multi-Purpose Health Worker (M.P.H.W.)

               A Multi-Purpose Health Worker is a trained medical profession who males and females are provides primary healthcare services to communities in need. Typically, they are responsible for a disease prevention, health promotion, and basic curative care by conducting home visits, providing basic health education including first aid, to administering vaccinations and assisting with births. They are an important part of the healthcare workforce, particularly in developing countries with limited access to healthcare.

           In many developing countries, the majority of the population lives in rural areas and has little or no access to health services. They are community-based health worker who provides primary health care services to these underserved populations. MPHWs are had a contact with patients and their family members by providing basic care and health education available in the rural areas or remote locations.

MPHWs are trained in a variety of topics including primary health care, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and water sanitation and hygiene.  They play initiative roles of work closely with community leaders to ensure that health services are accessible to everyone.


Duration: 2 Years of course.


Type of Course: Like Diploma course, that deals with imparting training to provide healthcare in situations that are far from ideal and there are no hospitals or healthcare centers in close vicinity.


What are the eligibility criteria for MPHW?

  • The age limit for MPHW admission shall be 17-35 years on or before 31st December of the year in which admission took place and they should be medically fit.

  • The minimum educational requirements shall be 10+2 in Art or Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Accountancy, Home Science, Sociology Psychology and Philosophy) and English Core/English Elective of science or Health care Science - Vocational stream.

  • Students should qualify in 10+2 Arts or Science examinations conducted by the National Institute of open school.


What are the Benefits of studying MPHW?

  • MPHW Course prepares the candidates for multiple works like emergency health care services at lower levels in various places.

  • After completion of this diploma, the candidates can find jobs in both private and government sectors like dispensaries, community health schemes, NGOs, community health centers, old age homes, medical colleges and labs etc. or they may continue studies by pursuing a higher degree.

  • Multi-purpose health worker has great value in places of emergency health problems or where hospitals and medical facilities are not available.

  • It provides maternal and child health care, immunization service, family health care, and also family planning services.

  • MPHW impart knowledge and skill sets to equip them to carry out core activities in the field of prevention and control of diseases of public health importance.


Syllabus of M.P.H.W.

  • 1st Year or 1st & 2nd Semester Syllabus of M.P.H.W.

  1. Anatomy & Physiology                                                                                

  2. Physiology

  3. Microbiology

  4. Health & Hygiene

  5. Computer skill

  • 2nd Year or 3rd & 4th Semester Syllabus of M.P.H.W.

  1. Public Health

  2. First aid and Emergency Care

  3. Health Information Education & Communication                                     

  4. Communication Skill


Job Opportunities:

1. Multipurpose Health Worker female.

2. Hospitals/Nursing Homes/Clinics/Govt./Voluntary Health Organizations Rural & Urban.

3. Lab Attendant posts in Govt. & Private Vocational Junior Colleges

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